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Platinum Oil Wielkopolskie Centrum Dystrybucji sp. z o.o. has operated on the market since 2000. Our offer is targeted at shops with car accessories, petrol stations, industrial plants, automotive warehouses, car washes, car garages and service workshops, transport deposits as well as agriculture.

The company’s offer include motor, gear, hydraulic and industrial oils, lubricants made by Orlen Oil and other reputable brands. It also offers: paraffin, paraffin masses, consumable liquids, radiator liquids, car care products, as well as car accessories and toll stickers. The dynamic development of the company and the growing demand of the customers was one of the main reasons for which we decided to open new branch offices of our company in : Gorzów Wlkp., Ostrów Wlkp., Toruń oraz Zielona Góra, thanks to which the company has extended the area on which it operates by the lubuskie and kujawsko-pomorskie regions.

The company’s qualified staff provides professional technical consulting service, quick and efficient service and deliveries to the address indicated by the client. The company invests in development on the market and in its own warehouse-logistics base, thanks to which it currently owns a Distribution Centre with an office complex and a warehouse with around 4500 pallet places. The company organizes numerous trainings on the products it offers, novelties on the market as well as the changing trends both for its employees and its clients. Since 2002, the company has been the owner of Ran-Synchron sp. z o.o. , dealing with the environmental protection through the purchasing of used lubricants.